Katahira Group

Introduction of the Founder Nobutaka Katahira and
the Katahira Group in the world.

Founder: Nobutaka Katahira

KATAHIRA & ENGINEERS INTERNATIONAL's parent company, KATAHIRA & ENGINEERS INC. was established on September 1, 1970.
The name of the company was coined by one of the founders, the late Nobutaka Katahira, under the philosophy that "each engineer is a consultant in the true sense of the word in their respective specialties."

Nobutaka Katahira was introduced as one of the engineers involved in the construction of Japan's first expressway, the Meishin Expressway, in the NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Project X 121st episode,「日本初のハイウエー 勝負は天王山」, which is translated as “Japan's First Highway: The Decisive Turning Point at Mount Tennō”. (July 15, 2003).

REAAA(Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia)

REAAA (Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia) was established in 1973 with the aim of promoting professional technology related to road engineering in the Asia-Pacific region and promoting information exchange among road stakeholders and organizations.
Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it has approximately 1,900 individual and institutional members in 36 countries. The relationship between KEI and REAAA began when the late founder Nobutaka Katahira served as the fifth chairman of REAAA (August 1983 to August 1986). The late Nobutaka Katahira founded the Katahira Fund at REAAA in accordance with his will. REAAA uses the operating interest to cover the costs of awarding prize money and certificates to outstanding papers in technical study on road engineering that have been submitted at every four-year REAAA Road Conference. This fund has doubled since the 10th REAAA Road Conference held in Tokyo in September 2000 with contributions from volunteers. The Katahira Group is currently donating the amount needed to award the Katahira Prize. Both Katahira & Engineers Inc. and Katahira & Engineers International are members.

REAAA collaborates in the development of road engineers in Asia through the donation to the "Katahira Prize."
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Article introducing Nobutaka Katahira

Katahira Group's Overseas Activities


株式会社 片平エンジニアリング・インターナショナル

The Katahira Group is active
in construction
and engineering consultancy projects
around the world.

Major countries and projects in which Katahira & Engineers Inc.
has participated since 2008.

SAPS Survey for Bishkek-Osh Road Rehabilitation Project in Kyrgyz Republic
Mombasa Southern Bypass Road and Kipevu New Container Terminal Link Road
Detailed Engineering Design of the Mombasa Southern Bypass Road and Kipevu New Container Terminal Link Road
Detailed Design Consulting Services for Ha Noi – Lang Son Expressway
Consideration of PPP project for Hanoi metropolitan expressway
Detailed Design Consulting Services for BLLT Expressway
Detailed Design Study for North-South Commuter Railway Project (Malolos-Tutuban)
Design Consultancy and Technical Services during Construction of Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 Project
Study on the Makassar Toll Road Project
Nagleg Tunnel Basic Design Work
Sri Lanka
Colombo Battaramulla Northern Highway Feasibility Study
Southern Expressway Extension Feasibility Study
Southern Expressway Base Line Landscape Study
Detailed Design of National Road No. 5 Improvement Project (Thlea Ma’am-Battambang and Sri Sophorn-Poipet Sections)
Basic Information Survey on Phnom Penh-Ho Chi Minh City Expressway Development Plan
Southeast Asia
Formulation of Overseas Expansion Plans for New Urban Transportation Systems