Feb-2020 - Mar-2023

Project Name

Mombasa Gate Bridge Construction Project

  • Detailed Design
Country: Kenya
Region: Africa
Employer: JICA

Mombasa, the gateway to Kenya and Eastern Africa, is an important economic and transportation hub for the Coastal Region. However, traffic congestion in Mombasa is becoming a serious problem due to the delay in implementing transport infrastructure development to cater to the rapid increase in population and vehicles in the city.


Mombasa Island, which is the economic center of the region, is separated from the Mainland South by a 500-m wide strait and currently only connected by the Likoni Ferry Service. Very long queues of vehicles waiting to board the ferry contribute significantly to traffic congestion on both sides of Kilindini Harbor. Moreover, the ferry is not a reliable form of transportation due to frequent accidents. As a result, the Mainland South, including the Likoni and Mtongwe Districts, is less developed compared to the Mainland North where Mombasa is located.


The Mombasa Gate Bridge Construction Project aims to construct a bridge between the Mainland South and Mombasa Island to provide an efficient and safe transport means between the two areas.


Major Components of the Project:
Main Bridge: Bridge length 1,320m (Hybrid composite cable stayed bridge, Center span 660m)
Approach Bridge: Total length 2,142m, (Steel box girder, PC box girder, PC ribbed deck, PC U-girder)
Ramp Bridge: Total length 1,340m (PC box girder, PC ribbed deck)
Approach Road: Total length 4,671m
Street Upgrade: Total length 4,163m
O&M Facilities: Toll gate, Management office, Weigh station, ITS facilities, etc.


Severe Congestion on Likoni Ferry


Perspective of Mombasa Gate Bridge


Other Achievements