Sep-2019 - Sep-2029

Project Name

North-South Commuter Railway Extension Project(Malolos-Clark & Solis- Calamba)

  • Construction Supervision
Country: The Philippines
Region: Southeast Asia
Employer: DOTr

“The Republic of the Philippines, a country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean, is an archipelago with more than 7,000 islands and located approximately 4.5 hrs from Japan by air. With a population of around 110 million people and an average age of around 26 years old, the Philippines is a young and vibrant country in the region.
As a developing country, it grapples with a serious traffic congestion problem especially in its metropolitan areas. Traffic congestion has greatly affected the daily life of commuters, commercial activities and all road users. It not only causes delays in logistics transportation and daily commuting activities but also contributes to air pollution from vehicle emissions and significantly lowers productivity rates. There is an urgent need for efficient infrastructure development, especially the development of a railway system to link the major cities in Luzon Island.”


The basic design study for the North-South Commuter Railway, which centers on the capital city of Manila, commenced in March 2014. A construction supervision team was then established in September 2019 to supervise the construction (N2) of a 51.4-km section north of Manila, whose construction began in 2020. This will be followed by the construction (SC) of a 54.6-km south stretch, which is scheduled to start in 2023. The project’s partial opening is targeted for 2027, and the entire line is scheduled to be completed in 2029. To ensure the success the successful construction of the railway, approximately 200 international railway experts and 1,100 local experts will be deployed.


“The completion of the railway is expected to greatly alleviate traffic congestion in the metropolitan area, disperse the population concentration along the railway line, and improve the flow of people between the north and south. These developments are anticipated to significantly boost the Philippine economy.


Outline of Construction
Total construction length approx. 106 km
North Line 51.4km: Track Viaduct section 98%, Underground section 1%, Ground Section1% with 6 stations(above ground 1, underground 1), 1 Depot
South Line 54.6km: Track Viaduct Section 98, Ground Section 2%, 19 stations(above ground 19), 1 Depot


Alignment Map


Substructure Construction


Under Ground Station Construction


Segment Establishment


Depot Construction


Monthly Regular Meeting with DOTr Secretary


Other Achievements