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Jan-2010 - May-2024

Project Name

Project for the Development of Juba River Port

  • Detailed Design
Country: South Sudan
Region: Africa
Employer: JICA/MOT

South Sudan gained independence in 2011, making it the newest country in the world to do so. Juba, the capital of South Sudan, is experiencing various problems such as rapid urbanization, accelerated population growth, and water and goods shortages due to lack of infrastructure.


Katahira & Engineers International (KEI) has been developing small-scale basic infrastructure such as water supply and river port facilities as part of emergency development cooperation since 2006. However, drastic facility development has become necessary due to the rapid increase in demand.


This project consists of two components: (i) facility maintenance through the construction of a jetty, a cargo yard, an administration building, a warehouse / repair building, etc, and (ii) equipment procurement of 120t cranes, forklifts, etc.


The project started in 2010, and the outline design and the detailed design were completed. The construction of facilities and the procurement of equipment started, but were suspended twice due to the outbreak of conflict in South Sudan.


However, since the resumption of this project is indispensable for the development of South Sudan, it was decided to resume the project in 2022 in accordance with the strong intention of the Government of South Sudan and JICA and the stabilization of the country. As of 2023, the project contents have been reviewed and investigated with the officials of the Government of South Sudan to make them more suitable for the current situation and future prospects.


Current Status of the Juba River Port
Significant erosion of natural bank due to facilities such as piers and mooring posts




Other Achievements