Interviews with
Mid-Career Professionals


Yukiko Mabuchi

Joined in November 2017
Environmental and Social Considerations/
Community Development

Reason for
joining the company

After studying peacebuilding in graduate school, I spent two years working as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs) in Kenya, where I was involved in community development. After that, I worked at the JICA Office in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a planning advisor in charge of health, sanitation, and water supply for three years, where I was in charge of supervising existing technical cooperation projects and grant aid projects, and formulating new projects. After living abroad for nearly 10 years, I wanted to move my base to Japan and started my job search. I learned that KEI was looking to strengthen its workforce in community development, which piqued my interest and ultimately led me to join the company.

During the JOCV days in Kenya. Joined the workshop organized by senior volunteer

What kind of work do you do?

Immediately after joining KEI, I was assigned as a member of the environmental and social considerations group for the Philippines' "Malolos-Clark Railway Project and North-South Commuter Line (South Line)" project, where I am engaged in surveys related to land acquisition and resettlement. The purpose of this project is to extend the north-south commuter line (Tutuban-Malolos), which is currently in the construction stage, by approximately 56 km each in the north-south direction, and approximately 3,000 households will be relocated for the north extension and approximately 10,000 households for the south extension. As a member of the social considerations group, I am engaged in supporting the formulation of a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), which includes compensation for residents who will be relocated as a result of this project, provision of relocation sites, and measures to restore and improve their livelihoods.

Workshop in Philippines

Since joining the company / What I am aiming for

Since it was my first time to engage in work related to environmental and social considerations, I am currently in the process of acquiring the know-how of the above subjects. This time, I am assigned to a project where there are multiple members in charge of the same work, so I am doing my work with the support of the team leader and others around me. I aim to become a professional who is able to work in this field independently, and am gaining experience every day. In addition, I would like to be actively involved in community development and peacebuilding projects after the project I am currently working on is completed.