Interviews with
New Graduate Recruits


Ryo Takenaka

Project Development Department
Kumamoto Univ.
MS Civil and Environmental Engineering

Major Projects Engaged

  • Preparatory Survey for the New Luangwa Bridge Construction Project
    in the Republic of Zambia
  • Project for Replacement
    of Faranah Bridge on National Route No. 2
  • Étude préparatoire pour le projet
    de construction et de bitumage
    de la voie
    de contournement de la ville
    de Sokodé au Togo

Career Path


Transferred from Technical School to University
Studied Geotechnical Engineering


Joined KEI in April 2018
Seconded to Katahira & Engineers Inc. (Assigned to Road Design for 3 years)


Engaged in basic and detailed design of roads
Striving to improve technical skills through domestic projects


Completed secondment
Engaged mainly in road design for Grant Aid.
*My objective at 30 y/o is to obtain a civil engineering license.

3D model created in the proposal

Rewarding Aspects of My Job

Road design is exactly engineering from experience. A road engineer must consider the plane and longitudinal alignment, cross-sectional profile, traffic flow, pavement, drainage, geology, structures, and impact on the surrounding area in the design prospect. Thinking about "what affects what" is difficult without practical experience. However, after studying standards and past cases, asking seniors, and struggling to complete the drawings and reports, I find a sense of fulfillment as if I had actually built the road.

I am also improving my skills in the latest BIM/CIM software as a personal strength. I find it rewarding when I increase efficiency in design and operations, and create a satisfactory 3D model, which makes me realize that my achievements were made possible through my own efforts.

KEI has a corporate culture that respects even young engineers like myself as equals, so no matter what generation you belong to, I think it is possible to grow as much as you want based on your own efforts.

With Mr. Kunda, a local staff member in Zambia